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Every product series has unique features.
Especially TB series can be used for various applications such as small amount of oxygen in pure gases, vacuum atmosphere, and exhaust gas.
We will make unique products according to user’s needs, for example, for Nitrogen PSA, for Oxygen PSA, for premixed gas, and for oxygen pump etc.

TB sensor

  • TB-ⅡG series
  • TB-ⅡF series
  • TB-ⅡV series
Control unit

Control unitControl unit

  • ■Compact DIN size. (96mm×96mm)
  • ■Easy-to-see large display
  • ■Free range setting: free output scaling at each range
  • ■Serial communication function (RS232C) is normally equipped.
  • ■Alarm output (H/L, H/HH, L/LL) (Contact A)
  • ■Sensor failure alarm

※It is impossible to measure by using sensor only.
Use with the above control unit with sensor for measuring oxygen.

TB-FI series

TB-FI series

This is a portable model which sensor and control unit are installed in it.

About two years warranty
  • ■It is limited to our original products.
  • ■Expendable supplies such as O-ring, filter are excluded.
  • ■When corrosive gas is included in strong acid-related gas, strong alkaline gas in a sample gas, please contact us because it may be inapplicable.
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The Ultrasonic Gas Analyzer

The ultrasonic gas analyzer can measure all kinds of mixed two sorts of gases theoretically.
There are mostly no consumables and it has long life.
And because the warm-up is not necessary it is possible to measure the moment the power is supplied.
We have applied the ultrasonic gas analyzer to measure these gases;

US-100 series

  • US-100-5VS/US-100-12VS

US-ⅡT series

  • US-ⅡT-S
  • US-ⅡT-SH
  • US-ⅡT-P
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The Gas Analyzer Panel

We design and manufacture gas analyzer panel in which gas analyzer instruments, sampling devices, and control devices are installed.
In one panel, some sampling equipments such as tubes, connectors, solenoid valves and control devices such as PLC, relays are installed.
A combination of various analytical instruments according to facilities is possible.
Furthermore, we conform to the selection of instruments and receive the specified instruments even if they are not our products.

Results application example

  • Furnace atmosphere gas analyzer panel
  • Exhaust gas analyzer panel
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  • Ultrasonic Gas Analyzer
  • Gas Analyzer Panel
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